Alberta Insurance Council Continuing Education Credit Requirements

Alberta Insurance Council Continuing Education

Insurance Training Center courses are approved contining education courses with the Alberta Insurance Council.  In this article, we have summarized the annual continuing education (CE) requirements as set by the Alberta Insurance Council. To see the full list of approved Insurance Training Center courses, click here, enter “ITC Education Inc.” in the [course provider] field and click on the [search] button.

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    Annual CE Credit Requirements

    Per the Insurance Agents and Adjusters Regulation, insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters must meet the requirements of the CE program established by the Alberta Insurance Council

    Certificate of Authority Number of Credits Required Maximum Carry Forward  Certificate Term
    Life and/or Accident & Sickness Insurance Agents 15 credits 7.5 credits July 1- June 30
    General Insurance Agents and Salespersons 15 credits 7.5 credits July 1- June 30
    Insurance Adjusters 15 credits 7.5 credits July 1- June 30

    What qualifies as a CE credit

    The Alberta Accreditation Committee, as delegated by the Minister, is in charge of reviewing and approving:

    • continuing education providers,
    • continuing education courses, and 
    • the hours and means of calculating the continuing education hours.

    The review and approval process is in place for every course or seminar that counts towards the required 15 credits. 

    All Alberta Insurance Council Continuing Education approved courses are listed here. Approved courses by the Insurance Training Center are listed under our registered name “ITC Education Inc”. 


    Record Keeping

    All CE records must be kept for 3 years following the expiry of the certificate term.  

    All agents and adjusters must prove they have completed 15 hours of approved CE courses and enter all approved courses under their profile when renewing their licence. 

    The Alberta Insurance Council conducts audits to ensure all requirements are met. In the event of an audit, agents and adjusters must provide records to the Minister upon request.


    • ​All certificate holders must complete a minimum of 15 CE credits, regardless of the number of years licensed or additional professional designations.
    • Certificate holders can carry over up to 7.5 CE credits.
    • Certificate holders must keep records of completed CE for three (3) certificate terms following the expiry of the certificate term.
    • Certificate holders should keep detailed CE records in case of an audit.


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