Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance 101

All tech leaders need to take this course!
Learn how to make this insurance work for you. Understand the fundamentals of Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance, including privacy and network security exposures and the different coverage options for technology product and service providers. Learn where and how it fits into a larger insurance program. 

Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance

What You Will Learn

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What is covered and not covered under a stand-alone Tech E&O insurance policy, including key differences in coverage between policies offered by different insurance companies
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Privacy and network security exposures faced by technology companies today, and why cyber and media liability insurance is critical for technology providers.
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Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation and contract management, and why this is critical for technology companies.
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Policy Analysis

The critical differences among Technology E&O policies, and critical policy wording language that every buyer should understand.

Course Curriculum

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ITC takes pride in delivering high quality, unbiased courses on professional and management liability insurance and related topics. Designed specifically for online delivery, our courses are interactive, include activities and quizzes, use practical illustrations and real-life case studies and deliver knowledge in bite-sized portions so even just 5 minutes is  learning time well spent.

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Broker, Australia

ITC effectively tackles complex subject matters in a very creative manner. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to broaden their understanding.

Broker, Canada

Great way to enjoy an evolving subject matter. Thank you ITC, enjoyed that!

Broker, Australia

Tough topics. Beautifully presented.

Manager, SVP, Canada

I’ve been in the insurance industry for over 20 years and this is by far the best educational material I have seen! Great for new and established professionals!

Account Executive/SVP, Canada

ITC Education is the perfect platform for busy insurance professionals to expand their knowledge in bite-size, manageable, easy & informative modules. The subject matter is well researched and presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. The modules are set up so that you can zero in on a subset or explore the topic more fully – time permitting. The examples are easily applied to real-life situations.

Broker, EVP, Canada

The coverage explanations are comprehensive and straightforward, coverage comparison tips are very helpful, and the claims examples are readily adaptable to real-life client scenarios.  The visuals are easy to follow and the succinct course modules allowed me to review the modules on my own timeline- or to go back to modules that I wanted to revisit. Plus, as a very welcome bonus, continuing education credits are available in certain jurisdictions!


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Technology Errors & Omissions Insurance 101

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