Cyber Insurance 101

The cyber insurance course that every broker, underwriter, and risk manager needs!

Understand and be able to explain Cyber Insurance: how and why privacy and security breaches create exposures for companies,  what coverage is available under Cyber Insurance, and how to compare coverage between policies. This course also includes a comprehensive coverage analysis guide.

Cyber Insurance

What You Will Learn

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What is covered and not covered under a stand-alone cyber policy, including key differences in coverage between policies offered by different insurance companies
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How vulnerabilities create exposure for companies, and common schemes by hackers and fraudsters to exploit these vulnerabilities.
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Claims Scenarios

Claims scenarios for ransomware, business interruption, social engineering loss and media liability, including an overview of how a cyber insurance policy may respond in these scenarios.
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Policy Analysis

Conduct a policy comparison to assess critical differences among cyber policies, receive a guide on questions to ask when analyzing coverage.

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Explain what is covered under a standalone cyber policy;
  2. Describe why and how privacy and security breaches create exposures for companies;
  3. Illustrate how vulnerabilities create exposure for companies;
  4. Provide a claims scenario for ransomware, business interruption, and social engineering loss;
  5. Conduct a policy comparison of critical differences.

Course Curriculum

  • Course Introduction
  • Downloadable Material
  • Cyber Overview: Introduction & Lesson Objectives
  • Cyber Overview: Privacy vs. Network Security Breach
  • Cyber Overview: What is Private Information?
  • Cyber Overview: How does a claim unfold
  • Activities & Quizzes Instructions
  • Quiz – What is Cyber Insurance?
  • What is Privacy Liability?
  • Privacy: Legislation Overview
  • Privacy Legislation – USA
  • Privacy Legislation – Canada
  • Privacy Legislation: Europe
  • Privacy Legislation Wrap Up
  • Privacy: What does this mean for businesses?
  • Privacy Liability – A Claim Scenario
  • Privacy Liability Quiz
  • What is Network Security Liability?
  • Network Security Liability – Terminology & Definitions
  • Network Security Liability: Claims examples
  • Network Security Liability Quiz
  • First Party vs Third Party Coverage – Introduction
  • First Party vs Third Party under a Cyber Policy
  • Main Insuring Clauses in a Cyber Policy: Third Party Coverages
  • Main Insuring Clauses in a Cyber Policy: First Party Coverages
  • Insuring Clauses Activity
  • Computing Definitions
  • Claims Example: First Party & Third Party Illustrated
  • Basic Policy Overview Quiz
  • Introduction to Exposures & Coverage Chapters!
  • Introduction to Privacy Breaches Exposure & Coverage
  • Privacy Breach Coverage
  • Privacy Breach – Examples
  • Privacy Breach Quiz
  • Network Security Vulnerabilities – Exposures
  • Network Security Vulnerabilities – Coverage
  • Network Security Vulnerabilities Quiz
  • What is Ransomware?
  • Ransomware – Coverage
  • Ransomware – Activity 1
  • Ransomware – Activity 2
  • Ransomware – Other considerations
  • What is Business Interruption in a Cyber policy?
  • Contingent BI, Waiting Hours and Restoration Period
  • Business Interruption – An example
  • BI & CBI Quiz
  • Media Liability Introduction & Definitions
  • What is Media Liability?
  • Media Liability – Software Copyright & Social Media
  • Media Liability Quiz
  • What is Social Engineering Fraud?
  • Social Engineering Fraud Coverage
  • SEF Quiz
  • A Claim Scenario
  • Case Analysis – Wording Analysis Template
  • Case Study Activity
  • Course Survey
  • Course Wrap Up
  • Cyber101Exam

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Aja Washington, Adjuster

Excellent course!

Recommend to all.

Javier Santos, Cyber Security Coach

Very informative in simple terms!

I found the Ransomware and Insurance 2022 Market Update to be very informative and delivered in simple terms. It will be beneficial to make it available in other languages like Spanish. Perhaps this can be done using a closed caption option.

Hany Abboud, Manager, Broker

I really found the Cyber Course very interesting. It made me understand the rationale behind the increased demand for Cyber Insurance, comprehend claims scenarios and relate to policy coverage. It was also very beneficial to go through terminologies and definitions pertinent to the Cyber world.

Chief Operating Officer, Energy Company

ITC’s D&O and EPLI courses helped me understand the insurance proposals we receive AND to explain to my executive team and board members the risks we can (and cannot) manage through insurance.

David Marsh, Partner, Broker

Most insurance courses are either pitched at people learning about the subject for the first time or jump straight into advanced topics. The ITC courses do a great job for all learners and I particularly liked the online format since you can either spend time starting from the beginning or quickly move on to the areas of most interest to you. The course material also went beyond insurance policy language – addressing risk management, claims processes, what buyers should consider, and more.

Broker, Australia

ITC effectively tackles complex subject matters in a very creative manner. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to broaden their understanding.


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Cyber Insurance 101

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