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Insurance-Related Terms Explained (in Plain English)

Duties of non-profit board directors
Before you join the board of a non-profit organization, it is important to understand the job of a non-profit director, your duties and responsibilities, as well as your potential liabilities.
Loss sustained vs. loss discovered
‘Loss discovered’ and ‘loss sustained’ are policy conditions in commercial crime insurance policies that define the claims reporting requirements for triggering coverage.
social enginnering fraud insurance
Social Engineering Fraud Insurance provides cover in the event that an employee falls victim to a social engineering scam.
combined ratio illustration
The combined ratio is one of the most important ratios used in evaluating the profitability and financial health of an insurance company. It also provides a comprehensive insight into how well an insurer underwrites policies. 
loss ratio
A loss ratio is a quick way to evaluate the financial health and profitability of an insurance company. This article explains how to calculate the ratio and what insights you can gain from it. Also, we look at some ...

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