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Insurance-Related Terms Explained (In Plain English)

Here we will focus on simplifying terminology specific to professional and management liability. No insurance jargon here, just plain English that we can all wrap our heads around.
Buying cyber insurance
Many small businesses have not yet purchased cyber insurance but the threat for them is very real. Perhaps they don't know where and how to get started with the purchase process, or what to look for? A recent personal experience quickly reminded me of the importance of getting insurance in place. 
Employee crime stats
Employee dishonesty is a major problem for organizations. Crime committed by employees is complex because it is about human behavior. Fortunately, there are steps an organization can and should take to limit risk. Nevertheless, we cannot totally eliminate the risk because we need employees and we need to trust them to carry out their duties. ...
building great courses
The Insurance Training Center takes pride in delivering high quality courses on professional and management liability insurance and related topics. Our courses are designed by industry experts for insurance buyers and professionals. We cover topics from beginning to end and are an unbiased source of information with no other agenda than to provide reliable, practical,...
Loss due to crime
Commercial crime insurance offers cover for companies to protect themselves against loss from damage, destruction or disappearance of their own property as a direct result of crime. Here are some important things to note: Commercial crime insurance limits the negative financial impact of crime on the organization, it doesn’t prevent crime! Always read the entire...
Pay on behalf
What does it mean when a policy is on a "pay on behalf of" or a "reimbursement" basis? ‘Pay on behalf of’ and ‘Reimbursement’ are two different approaches to paying the bills associated with a claim. Whichever way your insurance policy works, it helps to know and understand it before a claim happens.

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