2022 Market Update Ransomware and Insurance

Free short course, ebook and other resources about the evolution of ransomware and how the insurance market is responding.

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What is ransomware and how do cyber criminals get into a computer system?  How do you know if you have insurance coverage? What happens when an organization is the target of ransomware and files an insurance claim? 

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There is a host of information on the Internet about ransomware. There is also lots of information about insurance. But does it tell you what you need to know? We did the research for you and here's what we learned. (1 of 11)

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware used to encrypt computer files and block access to critical applications with the promise to unlock access in exchange for a sum of money - the ransom. How is this done? (2 of 11)

Ransomware preparedness

Even the most robust security system in the world will not keep malware out 100% of the time. You should expect to have malware of some sort infiltrate your computer system and you need to be prepared ... (6 of 11)

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